Friday, May 28, 2010

fab 5 friday

wahoo that it is friday again! and if that isn't fab enough, lets join emily in sharing what great things have made our weeks fab!!

1. yes, that is a tankini wearing woman. and no, this hasn't turned into "that" kind of a blog. :) this nursing (read: pumping) momma can't fit into her bathing suit tops from the past 2 summers. so i took my brown skirty type bottom and looked for an alternative top. since targets suit separates were on sale this week, it was my first stop. i love polka dots so this brown mossimo tankini top is what i chose. and for just 14 dollars! it has a neck strappy that this girl is not wearing. i'm very excited to take bella on her first swimming adventure now!

2. living hope baptist church! i mean, this place is fab to me every week, but especially this week. see, i was a full time employee of lhbc up until march 12 (the friday before bella joy was born). now b and i make weekly visits to see our sweet former co-workers. it always brings joy to my heart and made this week extra fab! women love on my baby girl and i get some good quality adult convo. what could be better!?
3. sassy letter links! i know what you are thinking, "your baby is only 10 (and a half) weeks old!" no, bella is not linking these together nor does she know her abc's. however, i have a baby girl who LOVES to kick her feet. so i put these letter links at her feet and she kicks away. she enjoys the sound very much. and it makes momma happy to put some of her toys to use!

4. the Jesus storybook bible. if you have children, know a child, or plan to have children, you should own this book. it is fantastic. each story points to Jesus. sometimes they bring a tear to my eye and sometimes i feel like i learn just as much, if not more, from the stories as my baby girl will.

5. oh sonic, how i love thee. my drink of choice is a cherry limeade. i often dream of going to happy hour everyday. wednesday night before small group i asked the hubs if he wanted to go get a cherry limeade. he said (ever-so-seriously), "but it's not happy hour!" i lovingly told him that it was ok, i just wanted a c-lime. so we went. and it was maybe the best cherry limeade of my life.

alright friends, join in or just comment what has made your week extra fab!


Emily said...

I love most of those a lot, too!! Really digging the swimsuit. I need a new top to go with my brown skirt as well! :)

sarahe said...

that suit is adorable! and glad you're having such a great week!