Thursday, September 23, 2010

solid foods

a couple of weeks ago, we started b on solids. cereal first, which by the first photo, you'd think she really enjoyed. but please, don't let her fool you.

this child hates rice cereal. and have you tasted it!? if you have, you know why she isn't a fan.

so after a week of rice cereal we moved onto carrots. don't you just love her reaction!?

i really thought that since i worked so hard making baby food carrots for my girl, that she'd surely love them! (if you have ever made baby food carrots, you know that it is not hard. not even a little bit. i didn't work hard at all, but aren't they beautiful!?)

yeah, she isn't really a fan of the carrots either. so we are carrying on. trying other veggies and soon fruits will follow. i am hopeful that eventually this girl will love all the tasty treats i put before her!
but for now, i will continue tricking her into opening her mouth and then laugh when she sits in disgust with the food just chillin' on her tongue.
if you have a baby, what was his or her favorite veggie when they started getting solids?

Monday, September 20, 2010

i'm going to jackson's

b had her first trip to jackson's orchard on saturday morning! it was wonderful! the weather was still cool, the crowds hadn't arrived yet, and there were pumpkins galore!!! and our big girl had a good ol' time sitting next to them and playing with the dried grass! we love fall (except the high in bg today was 101...but who's counting!?)
give thanks
lounging in the pumpkin bin
my big girl :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 months!!

ok, so i haven't blogged in a whole month! sorry. i'll be better.

bella joy is 6 months (and 1 day) old!! how did my baby get to be a half of a year old!?!? she is growing so fast!

at 6 months:
-you are wearing 6 months clothing. you are still squeezing into a few 3-6 months things, but are almost exclusively 6 months.
-you can sit like an old pro! each day you get better and better. you love sitting with the big kids!!
-you still enjoy your exersaucer and play mat but would rather sit and play with toys.
-you have 1 tooth and another that isn't far behind!
-you roll all over the place. sometimes you roll onto your tummy and you get mad, but for the most part you enjoy tummy time.
-you eat rice cereal...if you can call it eating. you really don't like it so far, but you will be eating carrots and bananas soon!
-you are still part time breastfed, part time formula fed. momma just can't seem to give up our time together and still gets so sad when i think about not having enough milk to nurse you exclusively.
-you love your daddy! sometimes during the day, i show you a picture of him and you get so excited!
-you are napping in your bed more! now if only we could get you to stay napping for longer periods of time :)
-you still sleep like a rock star at night!
-you have started getting on your hands and knees like you want to crawl and i just know you will be doing so before we know it!

bella joy, you are our joy! we love you so much! what a great HALF OF A YEAR we have had! we can't wait to see all of the great things you learn in the next 6 months!!