Thursday, June 17, 2010

what's in the garden?!

our first garden is making beautiful progress! we go out to look at it every few days. we obviously haven't gotten to eat anything from our sweet little garden yet, but i'm very proud of it so far! i just need to get rid of the weeds...and i don't really know how.
watermelon! i'm really hoping that we get at least one!


sweet little grape tomatoes

yep, that's a little bell pepper!
we've also got some green bean plants growing, but no green beans yet. we also have big boy and better boy tomatoes, which are sprouting! and we have broccoli...which the bunnies ate, but i think we fixed that problem now! i'm so excited to walk out to the back yard and eat a tomato!

happy happy 3 months bella joy!

our baby girl was 3 months old as of tuesday. that is 1/4 of a year. how is it even possible!? we had her 3 month photos taken on saturday and i can hardly wait to see how they turn out! she was a champ until the very end when she got just a tad fussy.

in bella's 3 months of life, she has spent time in 4 states (ky, in, tn, & oh). she has been swimming numerous times! she loves being outside. she loves her sassy letter links, her bouncey seat, her rhino lovey, and her eric carle lady bug. she loves to smile and jabber. she is starting to get into more of a routine. she goes to sleep in her bed (which is still the pack n play by our bed, but the goal is to have her in her room by 4 months) between 9 & 10 and usually sleeps until 6. and then starting at 6 am she eats every three hours until 9 pm. she usual takes a good nap at about 7 am and then takes another good nap in the afternoon with cat naps in between. i can't believe how much she is growing.

bella did have her appointment with dr. sims on monday. for those of you who do not know, the appointment was to check out her tongue which is "tied" or connected to much underneath. our pediatrician referred us to see dr. sims mostly for my peace of mind. well dr. sims does believe that we should have bella's tongue clipped if we want to breastfeed. so my big question was "if we don't do it now, will it be needed later?" he said that if we want to bottlefeed, it is fine to let it go until she is a year old, but at that point we will have to do it. we have opted to go ahead and have the procedure done, as it has been a great desire of mine to nurse my baby until she is 1. the only thing is that they couldn't get us in until july 23rd and she will have to be asleep for the procedure (which means: mask over face to make it happen). this is the part that scares me the most! i know she will be a champ just as she has been with every thing else in her little life.

bella joy we love you more than we ever thought possible! happy 3 months baby girl!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

coming soon...

coming soon
  • bathroom redo
  • happy 3 months to bella
  • bella's first camping trip
  • whats in the garden

happy tuesday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

fab 5 friday

is it friday again already!?!?! join with me and emily and so many others and lets talk about some things that have made our weeks fab!

1. the vintage pearl. it has made all of my weeks since mothers day fab really. but this fun friday they are hosting a giveaway-and although i probably won't win, the thought of winning makes my week fab!

2. org junkie!! i love finding new recipes here. and love when bella is good and happy while i'm cooking!

3. finding joy in my kitchen. this is actually my number 1 go to recipe site. i've made 2 things from here just this week! both are delicious and have made my week more fab!

4. facebook! i'm a stay at home mom, need i elaborate more?

5. hulu!!!!! lightning struck our house on wednesday, and it fried our tv. now i am no tv addict, but i'm a stay at home mom, so having a little back ground noise once in a while is nice. enter hulu. yeah for good tv on hulu!

join in! what has made this week a little more fab for you!?
**sorry this turned into website edition!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

whats been going on

we have had a lot going on lately. bella is growing so fast, i can hardly believe it! memorial day weekend, we had a fun trip to west chester, oh with bella's aunt amanda and uncle andrew. b had lots of firsts that weekend! on memorial day we had a cookout/swim party at my mom and dad's house. adam left us there on monday night and bella and i stayed with my family part of the week and adam's the other part. we had a great time, but boy were we glad to see alvaton on saturday night!

bella has been smiling lots lately!
yep, bella had her first (of many) trip to ikea! she was such a rockstar. she also went to pf changs for the first time while we were there.

she went swimming. and she loved it!

she had her first tea party in honor of her "auntie" jj, who is getting married ONE MONTH from today!!!!!!

oh yeah, and she went swimming some more! she really does love the water, which is great, because i do too!
in other news, while bella and i were away, adam was able to get the bathroom completed! thank goodness! pictures of the transformation to come. oh and last night our house got struck by lightning...which fried our tv and dvd player. everyone keeps saying insurance will pay for it if we pay the deductible, but if we don't have money for a new tv what makes you think we have money to pay for the deductible!?

Friday, June 4, 2010

fab 5 friday

well, i've been mia this week. and i'll post more on what bella and i have been doing later. (although this post will elude to some of it!) its friday and this week has been fab! so as usual i am joining emily in talking about what has made this week great.

1. swimming! summer is here! bella has been swimming 4 times this week and she LOVES the water!! i'm so glad.
2. pf changs. we went on sunday night and had a great time. i love love love me some pf changs. and thanks to the cassetty fam for the gift card!

3. olive garden! my precious father-in-law is turning 50 tomorrow. we went this evening to celebrate and olive garden and boy did it ever hit the spot!

4. i have had cable this week and my go to channel is always hgtv. i wish you could order by the channel and not have to get a big cable package. hgtv would so be on my list.

5. IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, quite possibly my favorite place on this earth. sunday we also visited ikea and it was fantastic.

more on this past week to come, but until then, what has made your week a little happier?