Thursday, June 17, 2010

what's in the garden?!

our first garden is making beautiful progress! we go out to look at it every few days. we obviously haven't gotten to eat anything from our sweet little garden yet, but i'm very proud of it so far! i just need to get rid of the weeds...and i don't really know how.
watermelon! i'm really hoping that we get at least one!


sweet little grape tomatoes

yep, that's a little bell pepper!
we've also got some green bean plants growing, but no green beans yet. we also have big boy and better boy tomatoes, which are sprouting! and we have broccoli...which the bunnies ate, but i think we fixed that problem now! i'm so excited to walk out to the back yard and eat a tomato!

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sarahe said...

so fun! i really want to be into gardening but the heat just takes too much out of me. :(