Friday, July 24, 2009

a big change is coming

well folks, last week i had a great time at j-creek with the living hope middle schoolers. i had the best room of 8th grade girls and enjoyed worship multiple times a day. it was a very refreshing week if i do say so myself.

before we left for camp though, i was having some pain in my abdomen and called the doctor to see if they could get me in. they had no openings until this week. so i went to camp in pain. on thursday, the pain became so intense that i couldn't function. so i called the doctor only to discover that the three docs in the practice were out for the afternoon. luckily one of those doctors is a member at our church so my boss/the high school pastor called him. he said that i needed to get back to bg and head on over to the medical center to see what was wrong. when i arrived they did some tests and we waited for the doctor to call with the results. (you see, he wasn't at the hospital, he was on the lake.) after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, he finally called.

dr: "well emily, we've discovered what is causing all of your pain."
me: "yeah?"
dr: "it looks like you've had some cysts that have ruptured."
me: "ok..."
dr: "usually i would give you some pain medicine, but i can't because you are pregnant"
dr: "yes, you are. you hcg number has to be 50 for pregnancy and yours is reading 156."

so there you have it. the jochims will soon become 3! it is very early in the pregnancy (probably about 5 weeks) and they have checked my hcg levels 2 more times this week (the latest was 3575, less than a week after the first! :)) i have an appointment on monday and we will hopefully get a due date there. we are very excited, very surprised, and were very much not trying. but God knows best and we are so thankful for that! so please join us and many others in praying for baby j(ochim). pray that he or she will grow to full term. pray that God would be glorifed throughout the pregnancy and in the birth of this sweet one. and GET EXCITED!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

coming soon.

an update. i promise. be on the watch.

Monday, July 13, 2009

the weekend, and a little before then too

first, let me start by saying i made 3 new things for dinner this week. i'm going to try to start taking pictures of my dishes and posting recipes for yummy things. this will probably not happen until i have my new larger kitchen.

friday night we had a few friends over to play games...
cbev is one of those. this is the last weekend that i will see this sweet friend for at least 6 months. she is going to east asia to share the love of Christ with those who do not have access to it otherwise.
kasey & jr are sweet friends of ours. we spent friday and saturday evenings with them. we love spending time with them!
ok, this isn't game night, but it is the night before. last week we did vbs at an apartment complex in bg that has people from all over the world. these are some sweet burmese friends.

saturday evening we also attended the wedding of our friends lucas and amanda. it was outside and it was beautiful! this is amanda and her daddy walking down the aisle.

our weekend was so great. the best we've had in a while. we relaxed and spent much needed time with our friends. saturday we slept until 10am!!!!!!! and we took a nap before the wedding!!! it was so needed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

home sweet home...soon

we found a house. its in alvaton, just a few minutes outside bg. we are really excited to make this place our home and can't wait to get closing over with and get moved in. our scheduled closing date is august 11th, which is just the day before my sweet niece is DUE to enter this world. what a great week that will be! here are some photos to give you an idea.

front of house.

big big yard! (we actually need some help to know how big it actually is, pretty sure pva is wrong.)

back of house.

dining room.

kitchen. wonderfully big kitchen!

kitchen again. the border will go. no offense to anyone who has it.

a bedroom.

another bedroom.

living room...with current owners stuff in it.

there is another bedroom...and a garage and a bath and a half. but these pictures are all for now. painting parties are to come, and moving parties soon after! :)


this past weekend, adam and i went to s. indiana to visit the fam. when we arrived at amanda and andrews on thursday evening, andrew was busy putting together a glorious feast for he and i. it was fantastic, and i can't wait to try to make some on my own!!!!

isn't it beautiful!?!?! adam even tried it. i was so proud!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

17 J's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a while ago, i posted about wanting a j wall. so i've been searching, and you've been searching and i now have 17 j's!!!!! take a looksie.

from ashmill. (she affectionatly named this one "poop-j")

i got these 3 in cali.

happy birthday to me, from carly!

all of the j's on the kitchen table, not the wall...yet.

Monday, July 6, 2009


summer is here (obviously), which means i can't make chili and taco soup for dinner every week. i'm having a hard time coming up with dinner ideas for the hubs and me. so i want to know what you do.

we've tried a monthly menu deal where we make a list of 31 things to eat (with repeats of course) and then each day of the month (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) we would eat the thing on the menu.

i've also thought about doing themed nights (monday-italian, tuesday-chinese, wednesday-mexican, etc).

i need a better, more organized way of doing things, for my sanity!

so by all means, help!!!