Thursday, March 11, 2010

good news/bad news

our appointment yesterday was quite eventful! we were so excited about the chance to see our baby girl and were disappointed when we couldn't tell what in the world was going on on that screen. after swipping the happy wand across my gigantic belly a few times, the ultrasound guy says "that's a breech baby!" a few minutes later he says "that's a big baby!"

so the bad news is our big baby girl is breech. and when i say big, they are estimating 8 pounds 6 ounces which i don't think is super big, but maybe its just big because i'm such a shorty! :) i guess why the breech news is bad news is because i will be delivering by c-section. its not how i envisioned it, but God knew way back when doctors were telling me i would never have children that i would have a baby girl on march 15, 2010 and she would be delivered via c-section. He is good, all the time.

the good news is that our baby girl will be in our arms by lunch time on monday. yes, 4 days from now. monday is bella joy's auntie amanda's 25th birthday! happy quarter of a century to her, huh?! when we found out we were expecting, we joked of the idea that she may be born on amanda's birthday, but never did we think it would really happen that way!

another funny thing, yesterday i was 38 weeks, or so i thought. i promise that when the nurse at dr. d's office gave me my due date, she said it was march 24. but my chart sure does say march 27. so according to them, i'm not 38 weeks until saturday. this obviously doesn't matter even a little bit since we know we are delivering on monday, but still funny nonetheless.

please be praying on monday morning. surgery is set for 9 am. pray for adam. i know he'll be great but i'm sure he'll be nervous for me. pray for bella joy, that she is healthy and learns to nurse quickly. pray for me too, please. i am nervous, but i know that this is the plan that God had from day one and i do find peace in that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

big day

today is a big day for the jochims. this afternoon at 215 we will see our baby girl via ultrasound and we can't wait. we are hoping that this will give us more of an idea of when we will meet her.

but its an even bigger day for 2 more families that i know. please be praying for them.

this family is laying there 5 year old sweet boy to rest today. please be praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding. pray for his momma. she is expecting. pray for the wellness of the baby growing inside her. praise Jesus, because sweet isaiah is now healed and will never have another surgery again.

also be praying for this family. ashmill's momma begins chemo today. she will sit through 6 hours of it. pray for comfort and strength for this amazing woman, as well as her amazing family. pray that this chemo will provide complete healing for the diagnosis that she received just weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

37 week update

thats right, 37 weeks. 3 to go. if our baby was born today, she'd be considered full term and boy does that make me smile!!!

i saw dr. d yesterday for my weekly progress report. sorry if this is gross and too much info, but i am just a little over 1 cm and 70%. due to my height and bella joy's size, dr. d has requested an ultrasound for next week to try to get a closer look at her weight and position. i left his office so so thankful because regardless of when she arrives, i'll be looking at her next wednesday at around 2:15 and my sweet husband will be by my side.

dr. d also let me know that at my appointment last week i tested positive for group b strep. this just means that i will have to have antibiotics during labor and delivery. did any of you have this?

i went into my appointment yesterday trying so hard to remember the advice my sweet friend cheye had given me just last week. i was trying so hard to expect nothing. but when he said "still about 1 cm, a little more than last week, but still 1" i won't lie, i was slightly disappointed. it is hard to be so uncomfortable and think that must be leading to progress, but then it doesn't. i do know that her arrival and my progress are no surprise to God. He knows the minute we will hold her for the first time and for that i am thankful too.

so now, we anxiously await seeing our sweet girl a week from today in the form of an ultrasound. and we are ok with that.

Monday, March 1, 2010


well, its march 1st and that makes for one excited mommy to be. our baby girl will be in our arms sometime this month! we are so excited we can hardly stand it! sleep is getting harder and harder. braxton hicks contractions are becoming more and more frequent. and other things that happen soon(ish) before labor begins are taking place too, but i feel that they may be inappropriate to share here :)

so happy march! and hurry hurry sweet bella joy!!!