Wednesday, March 3, 2010

37 week update

thats right, 37 weeks. 3 to go. if our baby was born today, she'd be considered full term and boy does that make me smile!!!

i saw dr. d yesterday for my weekly progress report. sorry if this is gross and too much info, but i am just a little over 1 cm and 70%. due to my height and bella joy's size, dr. d has requested an ultrasound for next week to try to get a closer look at her weight and position. i left his office so so thankful because regardless of when she arrives, i'll be looking at her next wednesday at around 2:15 and my sweet husband will be by my side.

dr. d also let me know that at my appointment last week i tested positive for group b strep. this just means that i will have to have antibiotics during labor and delivery. did any of you have this?

i went into my appointment yesterday trying so hard to remember the advice my sweet friend cheye had given me just last week. i was trying so hard to expect nothing. but when he said "still about 1 cm, a little more than last week, but still 1" i won't lie, i was slightly disappointed. it is hard to be so uncomfortable and think that must be leading to progress, but then it doesn't. i do know that her arrival and my progress are no surprise to God. He knows the minute we will hold her for the first time and for that i am thankful too.

so now, we anxiously await seeing our sweet girl a week from today in the form of an ultrasound. and we are ok with that.


Cheyenne said...

She'll be here SO soon even if she takes her sweet little time! :) But maybe she won't... ;) HE knows!

Kelsey Diane said...

I can't wait for her to be here and it will be in perfect timing!

Brittany said...

Yes, it is so disappointing, but she will be here soon. She is coming in her own divine time, which is the perfect time.

Hang in you! :)

Don't know anything about Group B Strep, sorry!

高跟些ˊ said...
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