Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall: just around the corner

its mid september. fall will be here before we know it! i love fall. it is without a doubt my favorite season. sure the snow of winter is pretty and the new leaves of spring are great. yeah, i love to swim in the summer. but there is nothing like fall. here are my favorite things about my favorite season.

  • scarves (wearing, knitting, crocheting)

  • leaves (the colors, jumping in them)

  • pumpkins

  • apple cider slushies

  • hay rides

  • bon fires

  • sweaters and cardigans

  • jacksons orchard

  • fall getaway (once upon a time i looked very forward to our crusade fall getaways)

  • thanksgiving

  • pumpkin pie

  • pumpkin carving

  • the cooler weather

  • pumpkin muffins

  • tall socks

  • taco soup

  • pumpkin ice cream

  • fall festival

  • the medical center 10k classic (although my preggo self will not be participating this year)

  • pumpkin spice lattes

  • ok, lets be honest-all things pumpkin

what are your favorite things about fall?

Friday, September 11, 2009


on facebook today, everyone has a status about 8 years ago today. i do not. but i'm thinking about it.

i was a senior at tell city high school and standing in senior hall way when my best friend kathryn came to me and said "emily, a plane just hit one of the world trade center towers." i said "oh kathryn, i'm sure it was an accident." then i went to my second period ceramics class. mrs. hatfield had the radio on, and we listened as the second plane hit and the first tower fell. after class was over, i ran to find kathryn and told her i was sorry i made light of it before. we watched all day. in fear. we watched the next day too. in fear. kathryn and i (along with her little brother david) went to their house for lunch and i called mom. we were in disbelief.

i wasn't walking with the Lord then, so i really had no way of knowing true hope.

i really will never forget that day, or the coversations that were had, just like i'll remember that i was in the library with mr. morton at tell city junior high during the oj simpson verdict.

i'm so thankful that 8 years later i know hope. i have hope. and i know that even in the midst of tragedy and trials, God is still good. and i am so thankful.

where were you 8 years ago today?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

home sweet home

just a few pictures of our happy new home. we are getting settled and i think its coming along quite nicely. we have stuff to get sell if you wanna come over and see it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ok. so a few months ago when i changed jobs and began working at the church, we also changed insurance. i worked with the man that the church recommended and got our insurance stuff in order. i made clear that we would need maternity coverage (although we weren't expecting to be expecting this soon).

fast forward to july when we get our happy news that we are, in fact, expecting. the appointments begin. and all kinds of bills started to arrive. i contacted the man that the church recommended and after looking over our application he noticed that the box for maternity coverage didn't get checked. the box didn't get checked. he said he would do his best to get it straightened out. i just got the call. he didn't get it straightened out. the insurance company denied us. so here i am, 12 weeks pregnant, without maternity coverage.

Friday, September 4, 2009

weekends make me happy

i'm so excited about the long weekend that i could cry!!!

after a slight modification in our plans, we are ready to rock!

friday: hot rods game with 3 of 4 carwile kids.
saturday: rise early to head to audubon state park to play and camp with adam's fam.
sunday: lechner (my mom's) family reunion and back to bg.
monday: PEI WEI!!!!!!!

thank you Lord for this happy weekend of fun with family and friends!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

heart beat

well, yesterday was probably the best day of my life to date. i heard our sweet little bean's heart beat for the very first time! it was the most beautiful sound i had ever heard and i fought back tears as dr. d confirmed that that was indeed what i was hearing.

the house is coming along nicely. i've taken a few pictures and will post some soon. last night adam put my sewing nook together while i was at a meeting at church. what a sweet sweet hubby i have! :)