Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall: just around the corner

its mid september. fall will be here before we know it! i love fall. it is without a doubt my favorite season. sure the snow of winter is pretty and the new leaves of spring are great. yeah, i love to swim in the summer. but there is nothing like fall. here are my favorite things about my favorite season.

  • scarves (wearing, knitting, crocheting)

  • leaves (the colors, jumping in them)

  • pumpkins

  • apple cider slushies

  • hay rides

  • bon fires

  • sweaters and cardigans

  • jacksons orchard

  • fall getaway (once upon a time i looked very forward to our crusade fall getaways)

  • thanksgiving

  • pumpkin pie

  • pumpkin carving

  • the cooler weather

  • pumpkin muffins

  • tall socks

  • taco soup

  • pumpkin ice cream

  • fall festival

  • the medical center 10k classic (although my preggo self will not be participating this year)

  • pumpkin spice lattes

  • ok, lets be honest-all things pumpkin

what are your favorite things about fall?


sarahe said...

i love the feels and smells and the spicy baked goods, jacksons orchard & wearing sweaters...

and i miss fall getaway so much! i was thinking about that tonight. I went for 22 years and it is so strange not to have that weekend in 4-H cabins and canoeing and square dancing and bonfires and "ultimate banana"...ahh, what wonderful memories

emily jochim said...

oh sarah, i miss it too! i mean, i definitely didn't go for 22 years, but 3 (maybe all 4?) and loved every minute of it!

laceylou said...

I was just thinking about fall getaway today!!! I only went two years and it was wonderful. Emily that's how I first got to know you! Remember that ride up with me, you, patty, jared and jon merkling? Hilarious.

Emily said...

Too funny!!! I haven't visited blogs in a while and what do I find here? Basically an exact replica of what I wrote last night! Great (Emily) minds think alike. :)