Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(first) 5k

well, it wasn't exactly my first 5k, but it was the first one i have ever finished without stopping to walk!!! i wasn't fast. i would have stopped had my awesome husband run at the pace is was capable of running. but with him by my side, encouraging me through each mile, i made it! i finished 3.1 miles, running the whole way, in 35:25. here are some shots from the race.

walking back to mom and dad's post race. i wanted to collapse!
so i did. after jumping in the pool. right on this happy little flower!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

vbs: God of wonders

last week was vbs at lhbc. for three days i taught the most precious 3rd graders about missions in africa (a topic i hold very near to my heart!) here are a few shots from the fantastic three days.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

happy birthday to viv

last week was my sweet viv's 7th birthday. i've been babysitting for the kiddos in her fam for quite some time now and consider them family. she has been talking for months about how she would get her hair cut and ears pierced for her big day. little did we know what was coming.
v pre ear piercing.
nat and gbaby came along for support
getting the purple dots on her ears
and then that mean woman did it! v almost didn't let her do ear number 2.
getting support from mommy.
v tried to make a brave face to show off her newly decorated ears.
a few hours after the piercing, i picked v up for a birthday date. we went to toys r us and brusters (where we ate ice cream and i painted v's toes and fingers!)
sweet sweet friend.
girl being pampered. i obviously ate faster than she did and used that quiet time to paint her nails (since spafabulous was closed).
isn't she the sweetest?!?!
happy 7th birthday viv. can i make one request? stay this way forever!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the oc

last week i journeyed to the great state of california to spend a long weekend with my sweet friend marce. marce and i met in the summer of 2004 in santa cruz, ca on summer project with campus crusade for Christ. (one of the many reasons i love crusade!) back in november, she made the trip to ky for our wedding to be our pianist. so this weekend, in honor of our 5 year anniversary as friends, we spent our time in the oc (where she currently resides) and had a blast! here are a few pictures to sum up the trip.
thats me!
at huntington beach on saturday. why can't ky be closer to the coast!?
kayaking some canals.
if you know me, you know i love palm trees!!!
and i love taking pictures of myself, and the beach!
i do not love whole pigs smoke and on a table, but i had to take a picture of the grossness.
corona del mar
and again. i really just LOVE the beach!
my last meal the last time i was in ca, and my first this time. if you've never been to in-n-out, stop what you are doing, and go out west!!!!!

its so bad for you, but its soooooo good!

marce and i had great fun in ca, but it was too short a trip. i did miss my hubby, and by the end of the weekend, i decided that i just wanted to fly him to ca and stay a little longer!

parker's hot rods birthday

well, last tuesday adam and i attended our very first hot rods baseball game in honor of a very special boy! our sweet friend parker turned 10 on saturday and we decided to do something extra special for his gift. since the boy is playing baseball, he is currently loving baseball. so hot rods game it bacame! we had a great time and parker ate and ate and ate! we also brought another sweet friend, xander, so parker would have a kid their instead of just 2 "grown-ups".

parker and mr. adam as parker munches on his LARGE popcorn.
me and 2 of my favorite boys!
the field. it still blows my mind that this is in bowling green.
me and my other favorite boy.
p & x.
next birthday is p's sister v. she said "mrs. emily, i think i'd just like a day out with you. maybe we could go to the mall!" now if you know the parents of these sweet children, you know that they don't spend much time at the mall, nor do they focus on talk of the mall. where did this request come from!? friday i will take ms. v to ice cream and toys r us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

look what i just saw...

i just saw (and am still seeing) something kind of like this.  i was far to afraid to take a picture, so i googled it and found this one instead.  a happy little cat on a leash sitting across from me at our gate.  hilarious.  and i just heard the owner say that her husband calls the cat "delta queen" because she flies so much.  HILARIOUS!

another project for my (growing) list

i want to make this.

thats all. :)

california, here i come!

i am sitting in the atlanta airport waiting to board my flight to orange county, ca to visit my far-away-best-friend marce.  i've been meaning to post about the hot rods game we took parker and xander to, as well as post a picture of my first j.  (i actually have 2 now thanks to ashmill!!)  but time has gone to fast and been way unavailable for the purpose of blogging.  i return to kentucky on sunday evening and will surely find the time next week to post about my trip and the previously mentioned things.

if i become more ambitious while sitting here, or get too board, i'll post the hot rods game stuff today.  but we'll see.