Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(first) 5k

well, it wasn't exactly my first 5k, but it was the first one i have ever finished without stopping to walk!!! i wasn't fast. i would have stopped had my awesome husband run at the pace is was capable of running. but with him by my side, encouraging me through each mile, i made it! i finished 3.1 miles, running the whole way, in 35:25. here are some shots from the race.

walking back to mom and dad's post race. i wanted to collapse!
so i did. after jumping in the pool. right on this happy little flower!


laceylou said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! I want run a 5k real bad.
I haven't been running much lately though because I'm getting used to my work schedule, I've got to get back on track!

laceylou said...


Brittney said...

UH, TOTALLY didn't know you had a blog! I looked through all your posts - naturally - and I absolutely ADORE all of your crafts! You're so talented!:]

Oh, great job on the 5k! I haven't run in sooo long...it's sad!

Brittney said...

Run? Ran?

Obviously I haven't been in school in a while, either.