Thursday, June 11, 2009

parker's hot rods birthday

well, last tuesday adam and i attended our very first hot rods baseball game in honor of a very special boy! our sweet friend parker turned 10 on saturday and we decided to do something extra special for his gift. since the boy is playing baseball, he is currently loving baseball. so hot rods game it bacame! we had a great time and parker ate and ate and ate! we also brought another sweet friend, xander, so parker would have a kid their instead of just 2 "grown-ups".

parker and mr. adam as parker munches on his LARGE popcorn.
me and 2 of my favorite boys!
the field. it still blows my mind that this is in bowling green.
me and my other favorite boy.
p & x.
next birthday is p's sister v. she said "mrs. emily, i think i'd just like a day out with you. maybe we could go to the mall!" now if you know the parents of these sweet children, you know that they don't spend much time at the mall, nor do they focus on talk of the mall. where did this request come from!? friday i will take ms. v to ice cream and toys r us.

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