Wednesday, January 7, 2009

our first christmas!

i was sworn to secrecy until now, and i am so excited that i can finally share the joy that was "our first christmas"!

on Christmas eve eve (dec. 23) adam and i headed to haubstadt to spend the night and christmas eve with my family.  the family (mom, dad, lara, and nathan) were patiently waiting our arrival to enjoy a fantastic dinner of ribs and creek fried potatoes.  after dinner was finished we hurried downstairs to do gifts.  now, for the past few years, Christmas gifts with mom and dad have left very few surprises.  we've gotten older and sometimes we actually need things or just want a wii or whatever.  this year, i wasn't expecting anything different, just the things that i knew about.  

we sad down and passed out the presents.  dad said "you better open lara's gift to you, she has been dying for you to all day".  now since i picked the gift out (a camelbak water bottle)...i mean i sent a link to show the color that i wanted and everything, i didn't understand why i needed to open it so quickly.  but i listened, and began to open.  it was, of course, the water bottle.  i was really confused about the "surprise" aspect of it until i noticed that she had monogrammed it.  i thought it was so kind but still didn't understand why it was such a big deal.  the i noticed an envelope in the water bottle and wondered if she had gotten me a gift card or something.  when i opened the envelope i saw a tiny green pompom ball (you know, the kind used for kids crafts and stuff).  my family is pretty strange, but i didn't understand the point of this ball.  so i looked up, very confused, at my sweet sister...saw tears and her eyes and she said "that is how big your niece or nephew is right now!"  lara and nathan have been married for over 5 years and everyone knows how much i LOVE children.  to say i was excited about this spectacular gift is an understatement!  i know, its so nerdy, but it really is the best gift i've every received (asides from Jesus of course.)  it was such a fun Christmas, getting to see the looks on everyones faces as she shared the news with them.  God is so good and we are one blessed family.  august 12 and baby mattingly, hurry please!!!!

anyway, that wasn't the end of the excitement of the season.  Christmas eve night we went to church with amanda and andrew and then woke up Christmas morning to spend time with adam's side of the family.  we had a blast.  no super huge baby surprises or anything, but we still had a great time and enjoyed more family!

we were so excited for our first holiday season together and its hard to believe its already over.  its also hard to believe that tomorrow we will have been married for 2 whole months!  WOW!

the biggest loser

well its a new year, which leads to many resolutions.  and this year my sweet sister-in-law amanda came up with a brilliant and fun resolution for some of us.  she suggested that some of us (always complaining about our clothes not fitting) do a biggest loser challenge.  so andrew (her hubby), mark and sally (adam's parents), karen and gary (andrew's parents), pam, laurie, and samantha (some other in-laws), amanda and i are doing just that.  we are weighing in every monday morning and emailing that information to each other.  at the end of this season of the biggest loser the person who has lost the highest percentage of weight wins!

so far, so good.  i weighed in monday morning.  i've worked out and eaten super nutritious foods each day since then.  its amazing what you'll do with just a little motivation!

i'm too ashamed to post my start weight here, but i will update with my progress along the way.