Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the biggest loser

well its a new year, which leads to many resolutions.  and this year my sweet sister-in-law amanda came up with a brilliant and fun resolution for some of us.  she suggested that some of us (always complaining about our clothes not fitting) do a biggest loser challenge.  so andrew (her hubby), mark and sally (adam's parents), karen and gary (andrew's parents), pam, laurie, and samantha (some other in-laws), amanda and i are doing just that.  we are weighing in every monday morning and emailing that information to each other.  at the end of this season of the biggest loser the person who has lost the highest percentage of weight wins!

so far, so good.  i weighed in monday morning.  i've worked out and eaten super nutritious foods each day since then.  its amazing what you'll do with just a little motivation!

i'm too ashamed to post my start weight here, but i will update with my progress along the way.

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