Friday, December 7, 2012


Adoption is a roller coaster! When we began the adoption process almost 21 months ago, we would have never thought we would be approaching our second Christmas without our child home. Actually just a couple months ago, we wouldn't have thought we would be approaching our second Christmas without our child home. Thankfully, God is not surprised by this fact. He knows the exact day we will see our son for the first time.

With that being said, we have a little update. On Monday we received our i600 approval from USCIS. This is a HUGE STEP! Actually the second to last step before travel. Now we are waiting for our embassy appointment. From what I understand, the embassy (or visa) appointment will take place and then M's birth father will be interviewed. Usually travel takes place about 2 weeks after the initial appointment. Would you all join our family in BOLDLY praying for the following things:
1) pray that we learn when our embassy appointment is FAST! We need it to be soon, y'all. Real soon.
2) pray that m's birth father would show up exactly when they ask him to as to not create any delay.
3) pray that Adam would be in DRC the week of January 7. You see, my dear BFF Ashmill-one of our biggest supporters and greatest cheerleaders over the past 21 months is heading out on her own African adventure-she leaves January 16. And is gone for 5ish weeks. Y'all, we desperately want her to be stateside to celebrate the coming home of our boy! And we desperately want him home! Pray. Pray boldly. Pray expectantly!

We are close. So close. And so thankful to The Lord for all he has done.