Tuesday, December 16, 2008

over a month down

well, its been over a month since our day of wedded bliss. i've had such great intentions of blogging about the honeymoon, ikea, thanksgiving, our trip to the opryland hotel with adams family, but all have failed. i want to be a great blogger, like this sweet mother and awesome mckmama. but instead of trying to back track, i will proceed and pretend as though i talked all about those things for hours and hours.

as for now, i'm going to make a wish list. i was reading a friends blog and saw her wish list and it inspired me, not for the sake of wishing, but for the sake of challenging myself to be better at the things i want to be better at!

1. i want to be a better blogger, but i already talked about that.

2. i want to be organic. i want to eat (and feed my family) natural foods. its so expensive! i don't know how people do it! i want to cook foods naturally so that my body can be as healthy as possible. and when shopping for these foods, i want not to bring home hundreds of plasitc bags. the last time adam and i went to the grocery together we remembered our reusable bags and i felt so accomplished walking out of the store. lets do that every time!

3. i want to be a runner. i will never be a runner that wins races, but i want to be able to run for more than 30 seconds without feeling like i'm going to die. we have a fitness center in our apartment complex, so its free to me (well, we pay rent to live there, so i guess its not exactly free to me). we have recently become convicted by the amount of money we are paying for cable and internet ($56 a month) and the time spent using these things when we are at home. we are going to cancel it and it is our hope that all of this free time that we have can be spent on more important things, like taking care of our bodies and...

4. i want to be more like Christ. our free time will also be used to focus more on taking care of our spiritual health. i want to know the Word. i want to recall the Word when i am stressed at work. i want to share Jesus without fear. and i want to be equipped to do that. being a follower of Christ for 6 years, i should be in this place. i am striving for that.

5. i want to feel a purpose for the work i do day in and day out. it has always been a dream of mine to work in adoption. i don't know how to get there. i want to love on people that don't get loved on by anyone else. i want to come home and feel like my day was worth while (or be home investing in the lives of my own children, which will come when the children come!)

thats all for now. i'm going to work on number one before your eyes, and maybe the rest will come before your eyes as well. we'll see.