Thursday, March 15, 2012

bella joy is 2!

and just like that, my baby girl is 2.  it really happened fast!  2 years ago today i started the hardest, most fun, most rewarding job of my life.  this is actually the longest i've ever worked at the same place!  this is a job that i do not take lightly.  raising, disciplining and discipling our children is the most important thing that i could do and i truly am thankful to the Lord for blessing us with bella joy and for allowing me to stay home with her (and any following children).

anyway, enough about that. 

bella joy, at 2 years old, you are a BALL OF ENERGY!  you are so much fun!  you wake up in the morning ready to go.  as soon as i get you out of your crib you start playing and you do not stop (except to eat) until nap time.  and then when you wake from your nap, you do not stop until bed time!  you love to play!!  you really will play with anything.  but your favorites are still your little people.  you also love your potato heads, books, puzzles, and play-doh.  and you are so funny!!  you make us laugh all the time.  sometimes because you are so clever, but sometimes because you are just a little mocking bird.  some of the words that you frequently say that you have picked up from us (that are the funniest) are awesome, dangerous, and hilarious.  you often talk about how awesome the trees are (which we agree, but are unsure of where you picked up on the fact that they are awesome).  you talk all the time!  it is so so fun!!  you love to eat grilled cheese, soup, yogurt, grapes, bananas, and anything sweet :)  you get so excited when daddy gets home from work and when anyone comes to our house.  you love to help!  you are awesome at helping daddy with the trash and helping mommy unload the dish washer.  you are going to be an AWESOME big sis.  you love your family and you love animals!

sweet baby girl, we love you.  and we are so thankful for you.  and we can not wait to see all the things you learn this year!
 b running running running at her birthday play date.
curious little one getting photographed by "auntie" ashmill :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

a BIG exciting change

today we shipped a big packet of papers to colorado.  the big packet of papers included an application and contracts for our NEW agency.

let me back track a bit.  when we first began the adoption process, we were hopeful that the process would take about a year from start to finish.  well, we are currently a year in and have no end in sight.  our agency was telling us that it might be 2013.  now, we know full well that God's timing is perfect.  we still started searching to see what we would find if we looked at other agencies.  when i began my search, i found several agencies in different places with programs in various african countries.  and then, i found an agency who had waiting children in the democratic republic of congo.  i was skeptical.  how could we have a two+ year wait for a referral at one agency and while another agency had waiting children!?  so i emailed the agency.  and got a reply.  and questions were answered.  and we talked on the phone.  and more questions were answered.

we prayed.  we sought counsel.  we tried to figure out the logistics.  and we very quickly felt that God was leading us to this new agency.  we are VERY, very excited.  and we should have our official referral very soon.

in the meantime, we will be fundraising fools again.  we are making shirts, will have more mini-photo sessions, and will do another movie night.  so be on the look out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter challenge

last year, some "adoption circle" friends had this post on their blog. i hope you will go and read it, but if you don't have time, here is the short version.

it is an Easter challenge. a challenge to forget the froo-froo "traditional" Easter attire (can someone tell me why it is the tradition anyway, sincerely!) and use the money that you would have used to feed(or bring home) an orphan. then you sport that tshirt on Easter Sunday (and any other day you wish!). there are lots of organizations that advocate for orphans (here, here, and here just to name a few). there are also lots of families who use tshirts as a fundraiser to bring their baby home (here, here, and here to name a few).

and if you don't like any of those, we are starting our "sweat shop" back up! we will be continuing our fundraising efforts by making Africa applique tshirts. You will receive a tshirt in your size of choice with an Africa appliqued onto the front from fabric that is authentically African! Shirts are $20 and will be delivered (or shipped for a few extra bucks) before Easter if you want to participate in the Easter challenge.
above is a photo example. you can basically get any color shirt you want (as long as I can find it!) but I may not have a fabric that coordinates well with it. I hope I can make a shirt for you!!!

**email me at thejochims (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested or find me on facebook!

Monday, March 5, 2012

it's been quiet

things have been quiet around here lately. i haven't had much to say. things on the adoption front have been slow. winter hasn't been very wintery. we have been playing lots of little people, lots of potato heads, reading lots of books and watching signing time. it has been a sweet season of stillness.

but i hope to have more to say soon. :)