Monday, March 12, 2012

a BIG exciting change

today we shipped a big packet of papers to colorado.  the big packet of papers included an application and contracts for our NEW agency.

let me back track a bit.  when we first began the adoption process, we were hopeful that the process would take about a year from start to finish.  well, we are currently a year in and have no end in sight.  our agency was telling us that it might be 2013.  now, we know full well that God's timing is perfect.  we still started searching to see what we would find if we looked at other agencies.  when i began my search, i found several agencies in different places with programs in various african countries.  and then, i found an agency who had waiting children in the democratic republic of congo.  i was skeptical.  how could we have a two+ year wait for a referral at one agency and while another agency had waiting children!?  so i emailed the agency.  and got a reply.  and questions were answered.  and we talked on the phone.  and more questions were answered.

we prayed.  we sought counsel.  we tried to figure out the logistics.  and we very quickly felt that God was leading us to this new agency.  we are VERY, very excited.  and we should have our official referral very soon.

in the meantime, we will be fundraising fools again.  we are making shirts, will have more mini-photo sessions, and will do another movie night.  so be on the look out!

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Our Journey to Adopt said...

Hi, we are adopting from owas and would be curious to find out which agency you switched to and some of the other details as we, too, are tired of waiting...anyway, if you have time, please email me at Thanks!