Friday, September 11, 2009


on facebook today, everyone has a status about 8 years ago today. i do not. but i'm thinking about it.

i was a senior at tell city high school and standing in senior hall way when my best friend kathryn came to me and said "emily, a plane just hit one of the world trade center towers." i said "oh kathryn, i'm sure it was an accident." then i went to my second period ceramics class. mrs. hatfield had the radio on, and we listened as the second plane hit and the first tower fell. after class was over, i ran to find kathryn and told her i was sorry i made light of it before. we watched all day. in fear. we watched the next day too. in fear. kathryn and i (along with her little brother david) went to their house for lunch and i called mom. we were in disbelief.

i wasn't walking with the Lord then, so i really had no way of knowing true hope.

i really will never forget that day, or the coversations that were had, just like i'll remember that i was in the library with mr. morton at tell city junior high during the oj simpson verdict.

i'm so thankful that 8 years later i know hope. i have hope. and i know that even in the midst of tragedy and trials, God is still good. and i am so thankful.

where were you 8 years ago today?


Mandy Guss said...

I was getting ready for class my junior year at WKU. We had a test that morning in our Revelation Seminar with Dr. Trafton. As I walked up the hill to class, I called my mom and while I was on the phone with her, the second plane hit and everyone realized it was not an accident. What a crazy, sad day.

Lucas Hughes said...

I was in 6th grade geography class when it happened!

Cheyenne H. said...

I was a freshmen at Western, and went to an 8 o'clock math class. Class was cancelled, and I remember sitting in my dorm watching it unfold, while crying about wanting to come home to my dad. My next class was a journalism class, and I remember they sent us home saying that journalism history was happening right then....and I guess it was.

the Hughes' said...

I was a junior in high school and I heard about it in 1st period Spanish, but I had a film class and we had a HUGE TV and my teacher turned the news on and we watched the next one hit.