Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ok. so a few months ago when i changed jobs and began working at the church, we also changed insurance. i worked with the man that the church recommended and got our insurance stuff in order. i made clear that we would need maternity coverage (although we weren't expecting to be expecting this soon).

fast forward to july when we get our happy news that we are, in fact, expecting. the appointments begin. and all kinds of bills started to arrive. i contacted the man that the church recommended and after looking over our application he noticed that the box for maternity coverage didn't get checked. the box didn't get checked. he said he would do his best to get it straightened out. i just got the call. he didn't get it straightened out. the insurance company denied us. so here i am, 12 weeks pregnant, without maternity coverage.


sarahe said...

oh my goodness--i am so so sorry!!! have you asked to speak with his supervisor to see if they can clear anything up? i don't deal with any of the enrollment aspects of insurance, but let me know if there is anything i can help with. will be praying!

sabrina said...

this is horrible!! i hope it works out, dont give up! I agree with Sarah, ask to speak to a supervisor!

Brittany said...

ok, this is so wierd - this happened to me too!!!!! it was a mistake on the insurance company - make sure that your provider isn't at fault!!! i'll call you later and discuss!!