Monday, July 13, 2009

the weekend, and a little before then too

first, let me start by saying i made 3 new things for dinner this week. i'm going to try to start taking pictures of my dishes and posting recipes for yummy things. this will probably not happen until i have my new larger kitchen.

friday night we had a few friends over to play games...
cbev is one of those. this is the last weekend that i will see this sweet friend for at least 6 months. she is going to east asia to share the love of Christ with those who do not have access to it otherwise.
kasey & jr are sweet friends of ours. we spent friday and saturday evenings with them. we love spending time with them!
ok, this isn't game night, but it is the night before. last week we did vbs at an apartment complex in bg that has people from all over the world. these are some sweet burmese friends.

saturday evening we also attended the wedding of our friends lucas and amanda. it was outside and it was beautiful! this is amanda and her daddy walking down the aisle.

our weekend was so great. the best we've had in a while. we relaxed and spent much needed time with our friends. saturday we slept until 10am!!!!!!! and we took a nap before the wedding!!! it was so needed.


Kelsey Diane said...

That is a really great picture of Kasey and JR!! :D

JJ said...

i love this pic of JR and kasey!!! They are precious....and when i saw the pic of chels' i got all nostalgic and now i miss her :(