Thursday, June 10, 2010

whats been going on

we have had a lot going on lately. bella is growing so fast, i can hardly believe it! memorial day weekend, we had a fun trip to west chester, oh with bella's aunt amanda and uncle andrew. b had lots of firsts that weekend! on memorial day we had a cookout/swim party at my mom and dad's house. adam left us there on monday night and bella and i stayed with my family part of the week and adam's the other part. we had a great time, but boy were we glad to see alvaton on saturday night!

bella has been smiling lots lately!
yep, bella had her first (of many) trip to ikea! she was such a rockstar. she also went to pf changs for the first time while we were there.

she went swimming. and she loved it!

she had her first tea party in honor of her "auntie" jj, who is getting married ONE MONTH from today!!!!!!

oh yeah, and she went swimming some more! she really does love the water, which is great, because i do too!
in other news, while bella and i were away, adam was able to get the bathroom completed! thank goodness! pictures of the transformation to come. oh and last night our house got struck by lightning...which fried our tv and dvd player. everyone keeps saying insurance will pay for it if we pay the deductible, but if we don't have money for a new tv what makes you think we have money to pay for the deductible!?

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the Hughes' said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of her in the green outfit with the hair bow in her bouncy seat smiling!!!! After I get my makeup on, I'm on my way to see that sweet baby girl.