Friday, June 11, 2010

fab 5 friday

is it friday again already!?!?! join with me and emily and so many others and lets talk about some things that have made our weeks fab!

1. the vintage pearl. it has made all of my weeks since mothers day fab really. but this fun friday they are hosting a giveaway-and although i probably won't win, the thought of winning makes my week fab!

2. org junkie!! i love finding new recipes here. and love when bella is good and happy while i'm cooking!

3. finding joy in my kitchen. this is actually my number 1 go to recipe site. i've made 2 things from here just this week! both are delicious and have made my week more fab!

4. facebook! i'm a stay at home mom, need i elaborate more?

5. hulu!!!!! lightning struck our house on wednesday, and it fried our tv. now i am no tv addict, but i'm a stay at home mom, so having a little back ground noise once in a while is nice. enter hulu. yeah for good tv on hulu!

join in! what has made this week a little more fab for you!?
**sorry this turned into website edition!

1 comment:

sarahe said...

wow--i didn't know lightning hit your house! that is crazy! gotta love the great websites :)