Friday, June 4, 2010

fab 5 friday

well, i've been mia this week. and i'll post more on what bella and i have been doing later. (although this post will elude to some of it!) its friday and this week has been fab! so as usual i am joining emily in talking about what has made this week great.

1. swimming! summer is here! bella has been swimming 4 times this week and she LOVES the water!! i'm so glad.
2. pf changs. we went on sunday night and had a great time. i love love love me some pf changs. and thanks to the cassetty fam for the gift card!

3. olive garden! my precious father-in-law is turning 50 tomorrow. we went this evening to celebrate and olive garden and boy did it ever hit the spot!

4. i have had cable this week and my go to channel is always hgtv. i wish you could order by the channel and not have to get a big cable package. hgtv would so be on my list.

5. IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, quite possibly my favorite place on this earth. sunday we also visited ikea and it was fantastic.

more on this past week to come, but until then, what has made your week a little happier?


Brittany said...

amen on your entire list!!!! :)

sabrina said...

love me some HGTV!

this week for me: coffee, the lake, and kids actually getting serious about Christ! Woo Hoo!

ps... remember how last year you came to J Creek and found out you were preggo?? ha! I thought of you when I got here. It is sooo hot, I cannot imagine having morning sickness here (I cant imagine morning sickness period, but nonetheless).

emily jochim said...

sabrina, i'm so glad you thought of me! j creek will always be so special to me because of that! i hope that bella spends some of her summers there learning the truths of God's word and growing in her relationship with Jesus!