Monday, September 20, 2010

i'm going to jackson's

b had her first trip to jackson's orchard on saturday morning! it was wonderful! the weather was still cool, the crowds hadn't arrived yet, and there were pumpkins galore!!! and our big girl had a good ol' time sitting next to them and playing with the dried grass! we love fall (except the high in bg today was 101...but who's counting!?)
give thanks
lounging in the pumpkin bin
my big girl :)


Brittney said...

Jealous!!! I was hoping we could take E there this fall, but nope! B is soooo stinkin' cute, and I can't get over how big she is!

sarahe said...

Love those pictures!! I can't bear going to Jackson's until it is at least in the 60s regularly, but I am itching to be there! Bought some pumpkins from the grocery to make pies. Come on fall!!