Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 months!!

ok, so i haven't blogged in a whole month! sorry. i'll be better.

bella joy is 6 months (and 1 day) old!! how did my baby get to be a half of a year old!?!? she is growing so fast!

at 6 months:
-you are wearing 6 months clothing. you are still squeezing into a few 3-6 months things, but are almost exclusively 6 months.
-you can sit like an old pro! each day you get better and better. you love sitting with the big kids!!
-you still enjoy your exersaucer and play mat but would rather sit and play with toys.
-you have 1 tooth and another that isn't far behind!
-you roll all over the place. sometimes you roll onto your tummy and you get mad, but for the most part you enjoy tummy time.
-you eat rice cereal...if you can call it eating. you really don't like it so far, but you will be eating carrots and bananas soon!
-you are still part time breastfed, part time formula fed. momma just can't seem to give up our time together and still gets so sad when i think about not having enough milk to nurse you exclusively.
-you love your daddy! sometimes during the day, i show you a picture of him and you get so excited!
-you are napping in your bed more! now if only we could get you to stay napping for longer periods of time :)
-you still sleep like a rock star at night!
-you have started getting on your hands and knees like you want to crawl and i just know you will be doing so before we know it!

bella joy, you are our joy! we love you so much! what a great HALF OF A YEAR we have had! we can't wait to see all of the great things you learn in the next 6 months!!

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sarahe said...

wow--such a big girl! she is absolutely precious :)