Wednesday, May 19, 2010

chore chart

i recently implemented a chore chart in the jochim house. i found that i was getting super overwhelmed by the messiness of our house and was wanting it to all be clean at once. well, when you have a 2 month old, that isn't possible! she demands a lot of time, which i'm totally ok with. so to focus my time and cause less stress, the chore chart came about. i created it to just have a little to do each day and have nothing on saturday and sunday since we are often out of town and when we aren't, we want to spend time together as a family! so here is what we've got:

M-floors, diapers, adam mow

T-dust, laundry

W-grocery, rugs, adam take trash to road

R-floors, diapers

F-laundry, bathroom

daily-load/unload dishwasher, make beds, keep counters/tables free from clutter, empty trash when needed, water garden when needed.

we have laminate floors throughout our house. they get dusty pretty quick, which is why floors are 2 times a week. we have a large area rug in our living room and bedroom which need to be vacuumed. actually, i will probably end up doing the one in the living room more than once a week, but we'll see. i feel that 2 scheduled laundry days a week will keep us having clothes to wear everyday and will make it to where the laundry isn't piled up so much that it takes all day to complete. that usually makes 4-5 loads of laundry a week (not including cloth diapers).

how do you divide the chores in your house? do you have a schedule to the madness?


sarahe said...

great idea! i am planning on implementing a chart once i quit my ready! i love having a schedule for chores--otherwise nothing ever gets done but my kitchen!

Brittany said...

oh, i like this post!

we really share a lot of responsibilities. not all household, but we work together to make everything run smoothly (or as smoothly as possible).

1. i try to "pick up" where we "mess up". it takes only a few minutes but makes a huge difference. w/ toys especially

2. i always start the day with a clean sink. it just makes me happy. so the night before, i load the dishwasher and it runs, that sounds is music to my ears.

3. blake does all the outside things - mow, trash, garage, mulch, etc. but he will help me w/ anything i need inside.

4. i do laundry everyday. when i hear the buzzer go off, it's not long before i am unloading and folding...which i don't mind. I HATE PUTTING CLOTHES AWAY!

5. i make our bed every morning. even if my bedroom is messy, it makes me feel like there is hope :)

6. i usually give myself a time limit. "for the next 15 mintues, i am going to clean _______, and then i am done and will play/read/sing/go outside".

great idea for a chore chart!! ;)

Brittney said...

I started a chore list in my last few weeks of pregnancy, and just had 1 or 2 things to do a day. Makes life SO much easier! I haven't been on it since we've been home, but I'm sure I'll start back up when Chris leaves.