Friday, May 14, 2010

fab 5 friday

its friday! wahoo! so i'm joining emily and some others to share what has made my week fab! i think next week i will do a people edition because, almost always, i think of people who have made my week great before things...which is a good thing i guess.

1. the vintage pearl. as i said in my mother's day post, my sweet baby girl was thoughtful enough to get me a sweet little necklace for my first mother's day! the sweetness of that beautiful gift has definitely made my week better. you should check out the website! they have some fantastically beautiful goods!
2. my canon digital rebel xs. with a baby as cute as miss bella joy around, it is nice to have a good camera within arms reach! so thankful to be able to reach for my handy dandy rebel to document our sweet baby girls life!

3. the biggest loser couples! as you can see by the photo below, i love daris! actually, i don't want michael or koli to do poorly either. i'd be so happy to see the three of them as the final three! we will see in just a couple of weeks! i look forward to tuesday nights because of this show!

4. i feel like this one shouldn't follow the biggest loser...but oreo cheesequake blizzards from dairy queen! i love 'em! but only in moderation :)

5. finally our schwinn free runner jogging stroller. we purchased this the weekend of the flood with gift cards from bella's showers. i've yet to run with it (that will come soon), but i already know i will love it. it was so handy yesterday when we went out to our garden. i had bella in the stroller and was able to put all of the garden planting goods on top. its wheels are big and strong enough to make it through the grass and uneven terrain. very very handy.

ok, now tell me what has made your week fab!?


sarahe said...

i'm drooling over your camera...

sabrina said...

i love darius too!! h and Michael are my fav!