Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday in bowling green

i went into town this morning to run a few errands and grocery shop. while we were out, i realized that all of my facebook friends are surely thankful that i do not have an iphone because i think in facebook statuses and would have changed mine many many times in those few hours if i could have. so now, here is how some of them would have read:

emily gilliland jochim says sweet lady at the bank please work slower as you hear my baby screaming from the back seat.

emily gilliland jochim just saw oreo blizzard oreos and had to refrain from buying them.

emily gilliland jochim is being tempted in the ice cream aisle.

emily gilliland jochim is wondering why in the world her cashier is double bagging everything!?

emily gilliland jochim thinks its hilarious when, while wearing my baby, people refer to her as it, so as not to offend me.

emily gilliland jochim needs to stick to the grocery list. always.

emily gilliland jochim must stop coming to the grocery on an empty stomach.

do you ever think in facebook statuses? or maybe its just thinking in the third person.


Emily said...

I do the exact same thing! So funny. I only post about 1/10 of the ones I want to! LOL :)

Brittany said...

I definitely agree with the last one!! Empty stomach + grocery = BIG MISTAKE!!

I never update my status that much, I should, just don't. Maybe I will more :)

sarahe said...

lol--this is so cute! and i feel ya on the ice cream...*sigh* what I wouldn't give for some ice cream right now!

i find more that I always want to write a huge blog post about what is going on and I think in writing style. This is especially true during my quiet times, which unfortunately I do before bed so I can't exactly pull out the computer and type for an hour!

sabrina said...

ha! love this post.

Jenny Borders said...

I love this. I would be okay if you blogged your statuses all the time because then I could read all the things you thunk and nit just the one on FB. :)

shaina said...

you need to make this a weekly blog post (if possible)...maybe, Facebook Status Friday?