Monday, May 10, 2010

my first mother's day

i had such an awesome first mother's day. it began saturday night. when i got out of the shower, adam had bella in her bouncey seat with a card and a sweet little necklace from the vintage pearl. isn't my baby girl so thoughtful! then sunday morning we got to dedicate our baby to the Lord. we committed to have strong walks with God and to pray for our baby girl's salvation. we are so thankful to have a church family that will be praying for the same thing. anyway, here are a few photos from the wonderful day!!

momma with her girls who are now mommas.

family dedication at living hope baptist church.

my baby girl and me...with my necklace that she was so thoughtful to get for me! :)

the set up adam had going on. so so sweet!

our sweet family of 3. i am so so blessed with an amazing husband and an beautiful baby girl!


sarahe said...

so sweet! happy first mother's day!

Brittney said...

Your family is so cute. :) Happy (late) first mother's day!