Thursday, May 13, 2010

my green baby

my green baby has a fabulous stash of cloth diapers. today was wash day and the following photo is evidence of why i need a clothes line. bella and i planted our garden today. we have tomatoes (3 kinds), peppers (2 kinds), broccoli, watermelon, corn, and green beans. i'm so excited to eat, eat, eat! bella wanted to pose in the garden for her poppy.

look at my little green baby with her tomato plant. she can't wait to go pick tomotoes with her momma this summer! as i walked up the hill in our backyard, wearing my baby, in the heat, carrying 2 gallons (watering can) of water, i felt so much like is was back in niger walking from the well with our friends.

**baby girl is wearing her green baby onesie in these photos. it is newborn sized and she will not be wearing again because she is getting so big!


sarahe said...

adorable pictures! and you are so green! love the new blog look btw...

Brittney said...

I adore that onesie! Sooo cute!