Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 month check up

miss bella joy had her 2 month visit to see dr. fraser today! our baby girl is growing wonderfully. she is 11 lbs 1/2 oz. and 23 1/4 in. she had 3 shots and an oral vaccine. she cried like crazy when the nurse initially put the shots in her legs, but she calmed quickly, thanks to her awesome daddy!

dr. fraser is a hoot. he said "well her head has always been big!" he also informed us that she is above average in length and weight as well. we love our big baby girl so much! and we can't wait to watch her grow even more!

as for baby girl's tongue issue, dr. f has referred her to see dr. sims an ent here in bg. we are hopeful that the issue will be solved if indeed these sweet doctors see it to be an issue. i'm hoping that the appointment will be soon!


sarahe said...

yay for such a good report! i think meg was working on the referral this afternoon. i'll keep you posted ;)

Brittany said...

yeah for sweet bella! a growing girl is what we like to see!!! :)

Jessica said...

It's a JOY :) to hear such a good health report.

You will love Dr Sims (he also goes to Living Hope)! I am glad you are going to see him. We saw him in March and we will be going back in June for him to tell us whether Mr. JJ's tongue has loosened enough or whether we should go ahead with the procedure.