Friday, May 7, 2010

fab 5 friday

its friday again, and you know what that means! its time to share your fab 5. thanks to emily for starting the fun!!!
1. this book by heather ross is fantastic! weekend sewing has lots of wonderful and simple sewing projects that are designed to be finished in a weekend (or less). i have completed 3 projects from this book and done all in one sitting. i made a skirt this week (the skirt on the front) to wear to the wedding we will be attending tomorrow. i'm a nerd and wanted us to color coordinate, so making a skirt is all i could do!

2. my tevas. i've tried to convince adam that you have to get a new pair every spring in celebration of the warm weather. this is the pair i got this year.
3. living hope yellow team. we had our first game of the season last night and boy was it a breath of fresh air! it was so fantastic to be surrounded by that many grown ups (and babies too!!) and yellow won, which was also a plus!!

4. griffs deli. my sweet friend debbie robb took me (and bella) to lunch today and griffs was our place of choice. delicious!! i recommend the santa cruz wrap-grilled. oh, and broccoli salad!

5. the bumgenius! organic all-in-one, one size, snap diaper! we started cloth this week and are off to a great start! so far, this is my favorite diaper. no stuffing, which is great. it also just is a great fit for bella so far. and sabrina, we waited to start cloth to give bella a little time to grow into the diapers (even though they are one size) and also because we got so many disposables as gifts.
ok, your turn. what made your week fab?!


sarahe said...

great list! i had lunch at grifs this week too and it was wonderful!

sabrina said...

thanks for the answer, ha! i was reading along and saw my name and for some reason thought i was about to get yelled at! hehe! random.

tevas are amazing!!! i am trying to convince justin i need a new pair every year too... he is not going for it though :(

林尹 said...
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