Thursday, April 22, 2010

sickness enters the jochim homestead

tuesday night was not a happy night. bella spit up, a lot, before adam got home. as the night went on, she continued to spit up (and when i say spit up, i mean more like throw up) after every feeding. we were of course freaking out. we called the after hours number at our pediatricians office. the doc on call told us to get some pedialyte and give her 2 ounces for two feedings. so we headed to kroger to get the goods. on the way back, i had to make adam stop the car in the middle of mt. lebanon rd so i could throw up! yuck!

so when we got home, adam tried to get some pedialyte in our baby girl. she didn't want a thing to do with it. so at her next feeding, we just went back to breast milk. rewind though. i continued throwing up as the night progressed. when her next feeding rolled around at 4am, i decided i would just pump so that i wouldn't throw up on her. i headed to the kitchen to get my pumping supplies and turned back toward our room. but i didn't make it there. i collapsed in the middle of our kitchen floor. adam rushed to the kitchen. i asked him to get me some sprite. so he headed to the little coke machine down the road from our house at 4am. he brought me the trash can first so i could stay on the floor. when he got back, he helped me to our room, i pumped and he fed bella. she threw up again. and then again one more time before we were finally able to call the doctor at 8am.

she threw up again last night. but we both seem to be feeling better now. we are having a super hard time getting bella to eat, whether by breast or bottle. it is very stressful. i know i am not a terrible mother, but i feel like i am when my baby won't eat! i know she is hungry! i don't know what the issue is, but i sure hope we get it figured out soon.

**did i mention that we are redoing our bathroom which means there is no toilet in there right now, so during all of the sickness, i had to go out to the garage halfbath to do that made it was more fun! :) what is fun is that hopefully by sunday, i'll be able to show pictures of our beautiful bathroom!


sarahe said...

so sorry you have all had to endure this misery! will definitely be praying for your family to be over this quickly and for bella to eat well. i would also like to bring you guys dinner sometime soon, so let me know when you are feeling up to eating again and also if you have any likes/dislikes (and don't be afraid to tell me honestly--i'm used to accommodating a very picky eater!) hugs and prayers for you all!

emily jochim said...

sarah, you are so so sweet! i like all things. adam is pickier. the only veggies he likes are potatoes and green beans. unless its mixed in something and disguised well...but never broccoli. whenever you are ready, we are too :)

Jessica said...

That is awful! I am glad you all are feeling better. BTW, LOL! about disguised veggies ! :)

sabrina said...

yay for a bathroom redo! and boo for all the sickness! it did make for a dramatic blog story though ;)!! hope she starts eating soon!