Friday, April 2, 2010

baby wearing

a few weeks ago my sister called me and said "if i learn how to make a moby wrap, do you want one?" i had no idea what she was talking about, but i'm glad i said yes! now we are wearing our babies together and it is so much fun!

don't we look like we should be baby-wearing models in this one!?
bella loved it!

she had been crying right before this and as soon as we got her in, she conked out.

look how sweet :)
she is even smiling in this picture!!! love her.
***these babies are super simple to make, but i don't want to tell you. if you are having a baby (ie. brittney jones or amanda (chandler) hughes) please do not attempt to find out how to do this! :)


sarahe said...

so cute!

Lucas Hughes said...

you're silly! i love you!
and bella is so beautiful! :D
amanda hughes

Brittney said...

Oh, drat! :)

Bella is just the cutest little button I've seen! She is beyond precious!