Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 month old!

well, i don't know how it happened, but bella joy is already 1 month old! wahoo!!!! she is growing up so fast. the past few nights she has even gone to sleep at about 930! so exciting!
in the world of nursing, we've got some potentially sad news. because of my pcos, it is very likely that my milk supply is low. i am taking fenugreek and have an appointment scheduled with the lactation consultant on tuesday morning at 11. please pray that we are able to figure out a solution that will allow me to nurse bella until her first birthday.
happy first month of life outside the womb sweet baby girl! we love you so much!


sarahe said...

i can't believe it's already been a month! that is crazy! will be praying for your nursing, and let me know if i can get you anything from the office!

Jessica said...

She looks so sweet in that picture. I know the time has to have flown by for you...will be praying for your situation, I know it is not easy. But just remember, that God has the perfect plan for all of our sweet babies, even if that means that our plans are not so perfect. You are a great mom and Bella is so lucky to have you!

sabrina said...

i love the pictures with the stuffed animal to show the growth! glad you are doing it! will be praying about the milk dear.