Friday, April 16, 2010

fab 5 friday

i'm joining my friends emily and jenny this week and letting you in on the little things that have made my week a little better.
1. the medela pump in style breast pump has made our nursing issues a little easier. sweet bella will take a bottle with ease, even when she won't take the breast. AND i pumped over 2 ounces in one sitting today! thats a record for us! praise God! and wahoo for the pump in style!
2. KEEN FOOTWEAR!!!!! i am probably their biggest fan! and my feet got bigger during pregnancy which made some of my keens not fit. the only thing is, these shoes can be pricey. luckily, today i discovered through some great friends, that there is a store in bowling green that has various kinds of keens for only 29.99! so i got this super fun orange pair in my new size 7!
3. church's chicken. i didn't even know we had one in bowling green. but my awesome uncle don and aunt paula came to visit us this evening and brought us the delicious fried goodness! and if i made a fab 6 and 7, it would be uncle don and aunt paula. they rock!

4. the woodland bouncey seat! what a glorious invention! bella loves this thing. she is only a month old and the batteries that make it vibrate are already dead! when we have dinner or our arms just need a rest, bella happily chills here.

5. yes, april 15 made my week better. not necessarily because it was tax day, but because bella turned 1 month old! and also one of my other most favorite people in the world turned 8! so our april 15 was filled with our growing girl and xander and his awesome momma and daddy!

yay for friday and the little things that make this imperfect world a happier place! :)

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sarahe said...

so glad that you are able to pump with that! I have never tried church's chicken but you just made me super interested in it!