Thursday, January 21, 2010

yes, i cry over...everything!

last night when adam and i were getting ready for bed, i maybe had my silliest pregnancy cry yet! you know, its hard to get comfy when you've got a big ol' belly that you aren't quite used to. as i was rolling around trying to find a good spot, i accidentally poked adam in the eye. he did not poke me in the eye; he did not get angry. but me poking him in the eye sure did make me cry. it was the strangest thing. and as i sat there crying, i thought about how ridiculous it was that i was crying over something so...dumb. i'm so thankful that he is so patient with me :)

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Marianna said...

Is it okay that I am laughing reading this post? ha ha!
Gotta love an emotional wife and a patient husband.