Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30 week update!!!!!

how far along: 30 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
total weight gain/loss: its sad really. way too much. definitely more than the recommended 25-30 lbs.
maternity clothes: yep. and adam's tshirts.
stretch marks: a big unfortunately yes on this one.
sleep: its going down hill.
best moment this week: watching my belly deform as bella joy changes positions. we laughed very hard that day.
movement: yep. constantly. she's our little maniac :)
food cravings: same as usual, although the other day i did crave something i haven't yet...a cream filled long john, and when i got it like 3 days later, it was fantastic!
gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
name: bella joy
labor signs: thankfully, no still.
belly button in or out? its definitely more out than in, but not out all the way yet.
what i miss: if you tuned in yesterday, you know what i miss.
weekly wisdom: listen lovingly to the advice of women who are already mothers, but sift through the information. its not all good.
milestones: can we say being 3/4s of the way through this thing! i also think it is very neat to be able to actually feel her body through my belly when she moves certain ways. God is so good, and so creative!

now for a non-pregnancy related request. please be praying for miss megan haug. she is a friend of adam's family and is in haiti right now. she is fine (praise GOD!) but isn't sure if the orphanage she works for is fine or not.


sabrina said...

A completely unrelated, non-baby question:
Where did you get those super cute paintings behind you that spell out love?? SOOOO Cute!

emily jochim said...

i painted them!

sabrina said...

they are so cute! i may be hitting you up for some in the near future- good way to make a few extra dollars dear!

sarahe said...

you look so cute!!! congrats on being 75% finished!

emily jochim said...

sabrina, sounds good! it was super easy!

sarah, thanks! :) i don't feel like i look very cute in this photo...with my no make-up and adam's red sweat pants! hilarious, if you ask me!!