Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the weekend

this weekend was loaded with great fun. i shared the bibs i made for sweet lylah mae and the following is a picture of mommy with the gift.
saturday we had our family baby shower for lara & lylah. daddy made his famous ice cream cake for the event and he decorated it oh so beautifully!

handmade gift number 2 is my very first quilt! i had a little help from my sweet mother-in-law. after finishing this puppy i decided that i'd never again make a quilt...but i like them so much that i'm sure i will.
mommy with the gift. lylah can use this when she is small and when she gets older she can use it for her dollies!

after the shower we went camping and adam's mom made him a birthday cake! it was delicious. look at my handsome hubby! :)

i love him! <3


sarahe said...

that quilt is gorgeous! you have to show me how! we seriously need to get together for a craft night!

emily jochim said...

we do! i keep telling adam that we are facebook bff because we talk so much here. but yes a definite for crafts!!!

Brittany said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! She'll be here before you know it ! :) You are going to be an aunt!! yeah!!

Miss you tons! Hope things are going well!