Thursday, May 21, 2009

lylah mae

my big sis is due to give birth to my very first niece in about 2 and a half months. her big round of baby showers begins tonight with her school shower. i am going to make lylah a gift for each shower and here is the one for tonight.

bib number one! i embroidered her name on the front of it.
there it is again.

here's the other one.

and together.
i'm pleased with how they turned out and just can't wait to see them around her sweet little neck! i can't believe how much i love her already and she isn't even here!
** please, oh please, lara don't look at this until after 5pm tonight! :)


bethel05 said...

Cute, cute! You are so crafty!!

sarahe said...

those are so cute!!

Mary Beth Carlisle said...

Very talented! Love them!