Saturday, May 9, 2009

SUPER find!!!

well, first.  i'm making my first ever homemade bread today.  this was step one.  right now i'm waiting for it to rise.

but earlier, adam and i went to grandma's attic.  we found something amazing!!  and here it is...

it is a vintage sewing machine (in case you can't tell from the picture!)  AND it works!!!!  AND it was only 20 bucks!!!  holy moly!!  too bad it doesn't really have a home in our apt, but it certainly will when we have a house!  

when the bread is ready, i'll show more pictures.  and more to come of non-food things that i've made.


sarahe said...

girl--i am addicted to grandma's attic and i have looked at that sewing machine! LOVE IT! I can't wait to hear how the bread comes out! I have some sourdough starting on my counter as I type this. yum yum!

shaina said...

that is really awesome!! i saw one yesterday at a vint-tique store, and it was priced WAY more than $20. what a great find!