Sunday, May 17, 2009

meet me in st. louie

adam and i had a great time during our short trip to st. louis.  we planned our day trip around a cardinals game for adam's upcoming 23rd birthday!  the day was great even though the cards lost.  here is a short recap in photos.

here we are with the field, right before singing take me out the ball game.  this was taken by the brewers fans behind us.
here's the field during the game.
hilariously enough, james van der beek (formerly of dawson's creek) threw the first pitch of the game.  it was amazing.
here is a picture of him on the jumbo screen.  not great, but i promise it was him!

pre game we took a little walk down to the arch.  we finally got the camera set up with timer in order to capture this shot.
a sweet family took this one for us!
this is one we obviously tried on our own.  see adam's awesome hat?!  we both got one for free upon arrival at the stadium.
st. louis arch!  too bad i forgot my national park passport!!!!!!
AND adam made a new friend.

we really did have a great day.  i'm so glad this man was born 23 years ago (on wednesday).


the Hughes' said...

man, i'm diggin' that shirt you are wearing!

laceylou said...

Emily!!! Patty would be sooo jealous of your trip!! I didn't know you blogged! Exciting. I'm am messaging you back on facebook as of right now.