Monday, November 8, 2010

2 years!

two years ago today, adam and i officially started our lives together. what a wonderful day that was. never ever would i have imagined being where we are today. you know, having to get a babysitter if we wanted to go out alone for our 2nd anniversary. but i couldn't have dreamed up anything better.
richard had us repeat these vows:
i (adam/emily), receive you, (adam/emily) to be my wedded (husband/wife). i accept you as a precious gift from God. i love you with a love only Christ Himself could place within my heart. i promise to give myself to you as Christ gave Himself to the church. (Adam/Emily), i will never divorce you. i wish to have and to hold you from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live, according to God's sovereign plan.
we danced the night away. laughed. cried. i hung out with a bunch of kids. and with my favorite grown up girls.
tonight we will celebrate 2 years by spending a couple of hours alone together, likely at dairy queen because we have a buy one get one free blizzard coupon. my wonderful bff jj is going to come play with bella joy and we should be home in time to put her to bed ourselves. this weekend my awesome momma and daddy are coming to spend the night with b so we can head to nashville for a one night getaway that wonderfully generous people have paid for in full. like really, we may have to pay for the gas, but 2 meals and lodging is being covered by others. we are so so so so thankful. we love our baby girl more than we ever thought possible, but we are so excited to sleep in and to spend some uninterrupted time together to catch up on each others lives. that may sound crazy, but its hard to have a conversation with a (nearly) 8 month old around! she's so cute and fun that we want her to have all of our attention!!!
anyway, happy anniversary, hubby. thank you for providing, caring, loving, understanding, being oh so patient, and leading our family. you are one terrific husband!
if you want to read the story about how adam and i began, go here.

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sarahe said...

Happy anniversary!!! so happy for you both :)