Monday, November 15, 2010

8 months!

bella joy is 8 months old today! this past month she has just been developing and learning right before our eyes. i mean, i guess that has been the case every month, but it has been even more WOW this month!
see, i'm 8 months old!

as of november 15, 2010, you are:
  • eating 3 meals a day and 4 bottles a day. your favorite thing to eat is any kind of fruit and butternut squash.
  • wearing less 6 months attire and more 9 months attire.
  • taking 2 naps a day! waking around 6 am and going to bed around 730 or 8 pm.
  • going from sitting position to crawling position and back to sitting again.
  • moving forward. still scooting, but moving forward.
  • pulling up. you love to sit facing momma and pull up using my clothes and body.
  • saying mama, dada, baba, dede. you are making so many sounds and really sounding like you are having a little conversation. it makes us laugh every day!
  • love love love bath time. you splash and splash and splash, so much so that your cousin lylah looks at you like you are crazy!
  • have 4 teeth. 2 on top, 2 on bottom.
  • making little giggle noises as you play. this also makes momma and daddy laugh a lot!
  • get super excited when daddy gets home from work. you also get very excited when momma or daddy walk into a room that you are in.

baby girl, we love watching you grow. and you are growing fast, not that i'm complaining, but i don't think anyone can deny that it is happening quickly!! you bring us so much joy every day. we are so thankful to God that He has entrusted us with the responsibility of being your momma and daddy. bella joy, we love you!!

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