Monday, November 9, 2009

happy anniversary!

yesterday, adam and i celebrated one year of marriage. we had a sweet day of rest and reflecting on everything that we have seen in the past year. for those of you who do not know, here is the story of how adam and i began.

january 08-we officially met (although i knew who he was). we rode to nashville together in the back of a yaris (with another person in the back as well) to eat dinner at pf changs for carly's birthday.

february 08-valentine's day weekend...pretty close to the same group travels to nashville together again to play laser tag and to play at the parthenon. lots of funny things happened while we were there. when we returned to bg, a few of us went to carly's to watch ratatouille. i fall asleep in movies, and this night was no exception. (much later adam told me that i was touching his shoulder in my sleep, and i promise i didn't know it!)

the next night we ended up hanging out with adam again. and throughout the week i couldn't stop thinking about him so of course, i wrote him a facebook message! we started talking through facebook messages multiple times a day and watching lost on dvd at night.

one week after laser tag in nashville, adam came to watch lost-we talked-he held my hand :) (let me remind you that adam jochim had never had a girlfriend before, so this was a very bold move!) the next day i was determined that i would not call him and he finally called me at around 4pm. we watched lost some more and talked some more.

february 23, 2008-adam asked me on our first date by saying "do you have plans for lunch tomorrow after church?" i said no. " wanna go?" i agreed to go and then he said..."ok, i'm gonna hug you now." so awkwardly funny! we love it!

february 24, 2008-adam and i have our first date at o'charley's. it was fantastic. afterward we had a long talk in the car and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

the next few weeks we spent time together nearly daily. we had both made clear that we wouldn't date just to date and would end our relationship if at any point we didn't feel that it was leading to a marriage relationship. we also made a promise that we would not kiss until we knew for certain that we would spend our lives together.

june 17, 2008-after a long day of babysitting a sweet little girl, adam jochim asked me to be his wife! and we get busy planning our big day!

november 8, 2008-we vowed to spend our lives together and said our "i do's".

it was fast. the past year has not been all easy. but yesterday as we reflected on our year, we decided that we would never have traded those not easy moments for anything. we've grown closer this year. we bought our first house. and God has blessed us with a sweet little miracle baby girl. (if you don't know the story about why our baby girl is SUCH a mircale, i'll share it on another day.)

adam, i am so thankful for our first year of marriage and can't wait to see what the next year holds for us. i do praise God for you and am so thankful for your heart, your patience, and your leadership. i love you sweet husband.


Cheyenne said...

Sweet story! :) You guys are awesome.

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the "now I'm going to give you a hug" comment... too funny! Ross and I's first date was at O'Charleys in BG also... there must be something in the food there! :)

sarahe said...

so cute--happy anniversary!!!

emily jochim said...

ok, so i never know if i can respond like this and if people will read it, but in case you do...thanks cheye, i think you guys are awesome too! and nat, i think that now i'm going to hug you is one of my favorite parts of the story too! i mean it really sums up adam jochim's awkwardness that i love so much! and yay for o'charley's food putting us in a love trance! ha! and thanks sweet sarah!!!! :)

Kelsey Diane said...

The hug part is my favorite for sure, and reading this, I could just hear you telling me the story at work last week :) You two are precious!!