Monday, November 16, 2009

mini update

last night as adam and i watched the colts play (he watched, i kinda listened as i read a great book by dr. russell moore called adopted for life) i started to feel bella move. any time i do, adam rushes over to try to feel for himself. well, last night was the first time that she was finally big and strong enough to let her daddy feel her move! lots of times i'll say "did you feel that?" and he'll say "well, i thought i felt something but i didn't know if it was just you breathing." but this time i knew he felt it! it felt like a big move for me and as soon as i felt it, his eyes got huge and he looked at me and said "WAS THAT IT!?" and we laughed joyfully together. a few minutes later he even got to feel her move again.

we love this baby girl so much.


Brittany said... sweet!!! what a little miracle!
have i told you how exciting this is going to be - our babies GROWING UP together! I love it!! :)

oh, yeah - leave me your email address on my blog. i'm going private.

sarahe said...

that's so exciting!!

Lucas Hughes said...

ahh! i can't wait to feel our little baby move!
Amanda :D