Sunday, October 31, 2010

a year ago today

last year on this very day, adam and i were joined by our parents at st. mary's in evansville to get a peek at our tiny bundle of joy. on that day we saw her (clearly) for the very first time. and we learned that indeed she would be a she and she would be isabella joy elizabeth jochim.
i dressed my belly up for a fun way to share the news with all of our friends and family. i had blue tissue paper for back up :)
today our nearly 8 month old girl joined us at the operation christmas child packing party at lhbc. she enjoyed some pumpkin for dinner and smiled at every new face that walked in. when we came home she started scooting forward instead of just backward. she also waved (ok, maybe it was a fluke, but i sure looked like a wave!) at her "auntie" ashmill and her "auntie" carly as they were leaving our house.

my word, a year makes a big difference. i wonder if i will ever make it through another halloween without getting all weepy about my first halloween with this sweet baby in my life. oh goodness, i love her so much.

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Jeannie said...

Emily, that picture of your belly is TOO cute!! That made me laugh. I love it!! And your BellA is so adorable!! Happy Halloween :)