Friday, October 22, 2010

fab five friday

it's been a while since fab five friday has happened here. but the night was so wonderful that i thought i would end it with some things that have made my week fab.

1. RADICAL by david platt
this book is rocking my socks off. i think i'm a little over half way through it. and it is a joy to gather with like-minded women each wednesday morning to talk about what God is teaching us through this book.

2. izze sparkling pomegranate juice my sis and i had a wonderful (baby-less) date tonight where we talked over this fabulous drink. except lara had sparking blueberry. both tasted wonderful. 120 calories, 0 grams of fat, and it claims to be all natural :)

3. barnes & noble (please don't sell!!!)
b&n is where said date with my sis took place. we looked at craft books and chatted til we got to sleepy to chat anymore. we decided that we hadn't had a just the two of us hang out time since well before babies...and maybe since college....but that can't be right! we also decided that we will indeed make a habit of hanging after the babies go to sleep!
4. avocado!

i guess pre-baby i never thought about how fun it would be to share one of my very favorite foods with my child! i love to cut an avocado in half, smash one side up, dice the other, and then enjoy it with my baby girl. so far, it really is her favorite food. and i love it. someday i'll add some tomato, lime juice, and garlic and we'll share it with tortilla chips!

5. my mei tai baby carrier
ok, so it isn't the actual mei tai, it's a knock-off. but it is wonderful. i still love my (knock-off. no. handmade.) moby wrap, but this "mei tai" is so good. you can see by the look on b's face that she thinks so too. seriously, i will promote baby-wearing until the cows come home. even now that we have a happy baby, wearing her makes shopping trips so easy!
how about you? what has made your week fab?!

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sarahe said...

so fun! i haven't done the fab five in a while either... your list is great though! I'll have to look into that book too. and we need to have our date! what does this Thursday look like for you? I should be free...send me a facebook message if you get a chance. :)