Wednesday, July 21, 2010

surgery week

as you may or may not know-sweet bella joy is having a minor surgery on friday morning. we have been working toward this since she was 2 months old. her pediatrician didn't think it was needed, but after seeing dr. sims, he felt that it was. she is having a frenulectomy (or having her tongue clipped) in hopes that our feeding issues will be no more (and i will be able to nurse my baby girl!!!). please pray that the surgery would be quick, that dr. sims would not have to put in a stitch, that adam and i would have a peace that surpasses all understanding, and that b would recovery quickly and feeding issues would be obsolete!

in more happy and fun news, at her pre-op appointment, b's weight was 14 lbs and she was 25 inches! she is growing growing growing!! her 4 month check up will actually be a 4 1/2 month check up on july 30th.


sarahe said...

will be praying for you guys as you go through this! *hugs*

Kristen said...

I will keep you guys in my prayers. Our little Sam has the same problem but Dr. Sims doesn't think the surgery is necessary at this point. I feel quite confident that you Bella Joy will be in EXCELLENT hands with Dr. Sims. He is the best! :)